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Studies in Judaism and Christianity from Second Temple to Late Antiquity

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Board of Directors: Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan, USA); Claudio Gianotto (University of Turin, Italy); Corrado Martone (University of Turin, Italy); Paolo Sacchi (emeritus, University of Turin, Italy)

Editor in chief: Gabriele Boccaccini (University of Michigan, USA)
Editor in charge: Paolo Sacchi (emeritus, University of Turin, Italy)

Publishing Commission: Claudio Gianotto, Associate Editor (University of Turin, Italy); Marco Bertagna (Morcelliana, Italy); Pierpaolo Bertalotto (University of Bari, Italy); Todd Hanneken (St. Mary’s University, USA); Luca Mazzinghi (Central Italy Theological Seminary, Florence, Italy) Ronald Ruark (University of Michigan, USA)
Secretary: Giovanni Ibba (Central Italy Theological Seminary, Florence, Italy)

American Editorial Board: Kevin Sullivan (Illinois Wesleyan University, USA), Associate Editor; Kelley Coblentz Bautch (St. Edwards University, USA); Charles Gieschen (Concordia Theological Seminary, USA); Philip Munoa (Hope College, USA); Laura Nasrallah (Harvard Divinity School, USA); Michael Satlow (Brown University, USA)
Secretary: James Waddell (University of Michigan, USA) waddellj@umich.edu

French Editorial Board: Katell Berthelot, Associate Editor (CNRS, France); Daniel Assefa (Capuchin Franciscan Institute, Ethiopia); Christophe Batsch (University of Lille, France); Tierry Legrand, News Editor (University of Strasbourg, France); Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra, Book Review Editor (CNRS, France)
Secretary: Stephane Saulnier (Newman Theological College, Canada) Stephane.F.Saulnier.2@nd.edu
Website: perso.orange.fr/zwileg/henoch

German Editorial Board: Matthias Henze, Associate Editor (Rice University, USA); Andreas Bedenbender (Germany); Carsten Claussen, News Editor (University of Munich, Germany); Ida Frohlich (Catholic University Budapest, Hungary); Gerbern Oegema (McGill University, Canada); Jan Dusek (Protestant Theological Faculty Praha, Czech Republic)
Secretary: Stefan Schorch (Betel Theological College, Germany) sschorch@gmx.de

Israeli Editorial Board: Hanan Eshel, Associate Editor (Bar-Ilan University, Israel); Albert Baumgarten (Bar-Ilan University Israel); Gideon Bohak (Tel-Aviv University, Israel); Hillel Newman (Haifa University, Israel)
Secretary: Jonathan Ben-Dov (Haifa University, Israel) jbendov@research.haifa.ac.il

Italian Editorial Board: Corrado Martone, Associate Editor (University of Turin, Italy); Piero Capelli, News Editor (University of Venice, Italy); Claudio Gianotto (University of Turin, Italy); Giancarlo Lacerenza (Naples Oriental Institute, Italy); Silvia Castelli (University of Trento, Italy), Eric Noffke, Book Review Editor (Valdensian Faculty of Theology, Italy)
Secretary: Luca Arcari (“Federico II”, University of Naples, Italy) lucaar@infinito.it

Spanish Editorial Board: Pablo Torijano Morales, Associate Editor (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain); Fernando Bermelo Rubio (University of Barcelona, Spain); Adolfo Roitman (Israel Museum Jerusalem, Israel); Jaime Vazquez Allegue (Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain); Carlos A. Segovia, Book Review Editor (University of Seville, Spain)
Secretary: Federico Colautti (Redemptoris Mater Seminary Dever, USA) fd_colautti@mac.com

Book Reviews Editor: Jason von Ehrenkrook (University of Michigan, USA)
News Editor: Eric F. Mason (Judson University, USA)
In Memoriam Editor: J. Harold Ellens (University of Michigan, USA)

Advisory Board / Comitato scientifico: John Barclay (University of Durham, UK); Stefan Beyerle (University of Bonn, Germany); Daniel Boyarin (University of California at Berkeley, USA); Virginia Burrus (Drew University, USA); Alberto Camplani (University of Rome, Italy); James H. Charlesworth (Princeton Theological Seminary, USA); Sabino Chialà (Comunità di Bose, Italy); Shaye J.D. Cohen (Harvard University, USA); John J. Collins (Yale University, USA); James Davila (University of St Andrews, UK); Marcello Del Verme (“Federico II”, University of Naples, Italy); Lutz Doering (King’s College London, England); Esther Eshel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel); Lester L. Grabbe (University of Hull, UK); Martha Himmelfarb (Princeton University, USA); Giorgio Jossa (University of Naples, Italy); Richard Kalmin (Jewish Theological Seminary, USA); Adam Kamesar (Hebrew Union College, USA); Klaus Koch (University of Hamburgh, Germany); Helge Kvanvig (University of Oslo, Norway); Armin Lange (University of Vienna, Austria); John R. Levison (Seattle Pacific University, USA); Doron Mendels (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel); Hindy Najman (University of Toronto, Canada); Enrico Norelli (University of Geneva, Switzerland); Aharon Oppenheimer (Tel-Aviv University, Israel); Andrei Orlov (Marquette University, USA); Romano Penna (Pontifical Lateran University, Vatican); Mauro Perani (University of Bologna, Italy); Mauro Pesce (University of Bologna, Italy); Antonio Piñero Saenz (Completense University of Madrid, Spain); Pierluigi Piovanelli (University of Ottawa, Canada); Tessa Rajak (University of Reading, UK); Annette Yoshiko Reed (University of Pennsylvania, USA); Liliana Rosso Ubigli (University of Turin, Italy); Lawrence Schiffman (New York University, USA); Joseph Sievers (Pontifical Biblical Institute, Vatican); Günter Stemberger (University of Vienna, Austria); Michael E. Stone (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel); Loren Stuckenbruck (University of Durham, UK); David W. Suter (Saint Martin’s University, USA); Giuliano Tamani (University of Venice, Italy); Lucio Troiani (University of Pavia, Italy); James C. VanderKam (University of Notre Dame, USA); Adela Yarbro-Collins (Yale University, USA)

First-century Jewish Apocalypticism / L'Apocalittica giudaica del primo secolo

Issues 2011 (year XXXIII)
N. 1 -
Enochic Traditions and Mediatorial Figures in Second Temple Judaism and Their Legacy in Early Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism, and Islam
La tradizione enochica e le figure di mediazione nel giudaismo del Secondo Tempio: la loro eredità nel cristianesimo antico, nel giudaismo rabbinico e nell'islam

N. 2 - Across the Jewish-Christian Divide: Perspectives from the Enoch Graduate Seminar of Budapest
Oltre la divisione tra ebrei e cristiani: prospettive dell'Enoch Graduate Seminar di Budapest


Issues 2010 (year XXXII)
N. 1 - Ancient Judaism and Christianity in Their Graeco-Roman Context: French Perspectives
N. 2 - The Historical Jesus: Contemporary Interpreters and New Perspectives. Il Gesù storico: nuove prospettive di ricerca

Issues 2009 (year XXXI)
N. 1 - Enoch and Jubilees
N. 2 - Jacob Neusner and the Scholarship on Ancient Judaism

Issues 2008 (year XXX)
N. 1 - The Book of the Watchers and Early Apocalypticism: A Conversation with Paolo Sacchi
N. 2 - Blood and the Boundaries of Jewish and Christian Identities in Late Antiquity

Issues 2007 (year XXIX)
N. 1 - La ricerca sul Gesù storico in Italia dall'Ottocento a oggi. The Quest for the Historical Jesus in Italy from 1800 to the Present
N. 2 - Jews in the Greco-Roman World: Historical and Literary Aspects

Issues 2006 (year XXVIII)
N. 1 - Border Lines: The Partition of Judaeo-Christianity. A Conversation with Daniel Boyarin
N. 2 - The First Enoch Graduate Seminar at the University of Michigan: 1. Angels and Demons

Issues 2005 (year XXVII)
N. 1-2 - New Challenges for the Study of Judaism and Christian Origins


All submissions are subjected to a peer-review process by the Editorial Committee


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