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The Publisher Morcelliana

Founded in Brescia in 1925 by a team of young catholics – Fausto Minelli, Alessandro Capretti, Mario Bendiscioli, Giulio Bevilacqua, Gian Battista Montini (the future Pope Paul VI) – the Publisher "Morcelliana" resolved to promote, since its origins, a Christian inspired culture, related to the most brilliant tendencies of modern doctrine, in an international context.
As time passed, this effort turned into a real editorial ideology, showing a special attention in Biblical Studies, Ancient Christian Literature, Spirituality, Theology, Philosophy, Religion Sciences and History.

Our Series

The books published by Morcelliana are included in the following series, gathered in Theme Sections

Bible and Religions

  • Old and New Testaments* (ISSN 2280-871X)
  • The Commented Old Testaments, edited by Flavio Dalla Vecchia
  • The Commented New Testaments, edited by Felice Montagnini
  • The Holy Writings
  • Biblia, edited by Piero Stefani
  • Shalom, directed by Paolo De Benedetti


  • Theology. New series (ISSN 2240-0966)
  • Theology in the XXth century, directed by Giacomo Canobbio (ISSN 1827-6784)
  • Theological Notebooks, publications of the Seminary of Brescia (ISSN 1128-2010)
  • Aloisiana, publications of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy, Section S. Luigi - Napoli


  • History* (ISSN 1723-8528)
  • History of the Diocese of Piacenza
  • History of the Diocese of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla  
  • Works by Hubert Jedin
  • Library of Contemporary History, directed by Gabriele De Rosa
  • Church History by Karl Bihlmeyer and Hermann Tüchle, Italian Edition by Igino Rogger
  • Church History by Giacomo Martina
  • National Edition of G.C. Abba Works


  • Witnesses
  • The Green Pelican
  • Hearing the Word


  • Ancient Christian Literature*, edited by Enrico Norelli (ISSN 2280-8264)


  • Philosophy. Texts and Studies* (ISSN 2280-8728)
  • Philosophy. New series
  • Teachers of Thought
  • Romano Guardini's Writings
  • Romano Guardini's Opera Omnia (ISSN 2280-8124)
  • Jacques Maritain's Works
  • University Notebooks (ISSN 2282-2399)


  • The Red Pelican, edited by Paolo De Benedetti (ISSN 2280-6466)
  • Men & Prophets, edited by Gabriella Caramore (ISSN 1724-0964)
  • Various Writings

Human Sciences

  • Human Sciences (ISSN 2280-6776)
  • Handbooks Morcelliana
  • History and Religion Sciences, edited by Giovanni Filoramo (ISSN 2280-6768)


  • Bibliothèque (ISSN 1828-8324)
  • Reprints
  • Jan Dobraczynski's Writings
  • Gazzada Notebooks


  • Humanitas*, two-monthly cultural journal directed by Ilario Bertoletti (ISSN 0018-7461)
  • Rivista di Storia del Cristianesimo*, semestral (ISSN 1827-7365)
  • Hermeneutica*, Philosophical and Teological Annual founded by Italo Mancini. New series (ISSN 1590-6833)
  • Henoch*, semestral founded by Paolo Sacchi (ISSN 0393-6805)
  • Adamantius*, Ancient Christian Literature and Judaic-Hellenistic Studies Annual (ISSN 1126-6244)
    • Adamantius Supplements (ISSN 2282-2402)
  • Studi e Materiali di Storia delle Religioni*, semestral (ISSN 0393-8417)
  • Politica e Religione*, Yearbook of Political Theology (ISSN 2239-6098)

* Series or Journal subjected to a peer review process

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